Revision Podcasts

Higher Grade


These podcasts provide revision points as audio files which you can listen to by clicking on the link.

You can save the files to your computer and copy and play them on your MP3 player as another method of revision.

Each Higher podcast lasts approximately 5 minutes, although some are longer and some shorter, depending on the topic.

You can also subscribe to the podcasts, ensuring that new ones are downloaded automatically to your computer as soon as they go online.

To subscribe, copy this address into, for example, iTunes (Advanced menu...Subscribe to Podcast) or iPodder:


 Appeasement &
the Road to War
 The Impact of the Peace Treaties after the First World War  Podcast H001 Sat. 09 12 06

 Appeasement &
the Road to War
 Britain & France: The Reluctant Policemen  Podcast H002 Sat. 03 02 07

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